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Medico-Legal Knowledge Consultant

John Harrison MB BS

Specialist Medical knowledge is the domain of Specialist Medical Practitioners.

However, the ability to utilise specialist medical knowledge to advantage in legal jurisdictions requires an entirely different mindset from that available from most medical practitioners.

Requiring not only intimate medical knowledge and medical research capabilities, the capacity to distil multiple medical opinions and draw them into a cohesive legal argument, draws upon tangential thinking and radical analysis. Most doctors' careers depend upon conservatism, knowledge that has achieved contemporary (and often fleeting) validity, and a rigid structure of thinking intended to achieve peer acceptance.

Extraordinary Analysis of medical opinion requires:

. An intimate understanding of the medical practitioner psyche.

. Knowledge of the social, political and regulatory frameworks that contribute to, if not dictate, a doctor's opinion.

. Divorcing the validity of medical views from a doctor's qualifications.

. An appreciation of the currency of medical opinion in Courts and Tribunals.

John Harrison wrote a best selling book in 1984 which outlined the possibilities for recovery should an individual be willing to adopt a different perspective on his own case. The book sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and has become a classic in mind-body medicine. Googling "Love Your Disease" reveals the extent of its international reputation. The book demonstrates the capacity of John Harrison to think beyond the square.

For the past 5 years John Harrison has worked in the medico-legal field, reviewing thousands of difficult cases for Insurers and Law Firms. John Harrison provides:

, A novel analysis of the medico-legal elements of a case for Law Firms, Insurers and Claimants.

. An immediate overview in "Hot tubbing" or concurrent medical evidence settings.