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Disability Insurance

1. We conduct Roundtable discussions with Senior Claims Personnel to outline uncommon ways of managing claims, especially Psyche Claims.

2. Conducts Seminars for Claims Personnel in various elements of Claims Management, particularly in how to communicate with the Treating Doctor.

3. Provides Difficult Claims Consultancy Services for Life Insurers.

4. Conducts seminars in the use of Return to Work Guidelines in Claims Management.

5. Advises Life Insurers in how to incorporate Return to Work Guidelines in Insurance products, particularly Income Protection and Salary Continuance Insurance.

6. Advises Workers Compensation Insurers and Workers Compensation Authorities in how to use Return to Work Guidelines to reducing Claims expenditure.

7. Conducts Seminars for Doctors interested in using evidence based Return to Work Guidelines in certification of both Life and Workers Compensation Disability cases.

8. Works with defendant insurance law firms to achieve an equitable and evidence based outcome to contested claims, using the highest order evidence based data

Business Consultancy

Runfox has worked with Government Organisations, SME’s and Individual business people wanting to maximise their potential. We are often given very specific briefs.

We assist you to confront elements of your own modus operandi which may be keeping you from business success.

We work with you and your team.

We signpost a longer term road map for ongoing business evolution.

Personal Consultancy

Using remote meeting software, John Harrison is available for personal consultation in the area of the psychological basis of physical disease. His three books are viewable here